How to Silence Your Doorbell

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Silence Your Doorbell

Are you frustrated by people ringing your doorbell and waking you up or bothering you at weird hours?

Knock knock! Who’s there? Knock knock! Who’s there? Ding dong. Ding dong. Ding dong. Oh shut up you stupid doorbell – this is the scenario that many of us face. The endless doorbells annoy all of now we are here with a simple way to stop that from happening.

Materials Needed for this Life Hack:
– Wireless RC car
– Remote
– Doorbell
– Small switch
– Battery pack
– 9V Battery
– Relay
– An LED

So without wasting time Let`s begin.

Step 1: Take RC Car and its remote.

Step 2: Take RC car remote and disassemble it.

Step 3: After that disassemble the RC car.

Step 4: Take out the motor from RC car and remove the connector from it.

Step 5: And then disassemble the door bell.

Step 6: Put a big drop of glue on the back side of doorbell cover and place led light in it.

Step 7: Put the doorbell in door bell cover and Place it on the wall.

Step 7: Take a container like this and place the circuit of RC car remote in it.

Step 8: Connect the door bell and Rc car circuit via connector we have removed from Rc car motor.

Step 9: Now via the switch as shown in above image we can activate and deactivate silent mode in the doorbell.

Step 10: If the red light is on it means that silent mode is activated.


That`s it everything is done now you can activate and deactivate doorbell ring whenever you want.

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