How To Make Secret Storage Device

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An instructional tutorial on making a secret storage device from an ordinary cell phone cable!

We are here to teach you how to make  super secret phone cable where you can store some of your most secret stuff. I know most of you will store documents and photos and videos but another cool thing you can store are Bitcoins – to keep it away from those pesky Bitcoin thieves. Better than any USB storage device out there, and it’s real easy and cheap to make.


Materials needed for the DIY Project:

  •  A cell phone cable. I used an iPhone cable.
  • A mini Flash Drive.
  • An X-Acto Knife or scissors
  • Glue

I know that you are super excited for making this so without wasting time let`s begin.

Step 1:- Take an iPhone USB cable.

Step 2:- Take a mini Flash Drive.

Step 3: Open it and remove its covering.

Step 4: Take the usb cable and cut the wire like this and than open the case .

Step 6: Remove the usb male extension from the usb covering.

Step 7: Release some glue on usb covering and put the flash drive in place of usb male extension.

Step 8: Place the usb wire in its place and stick it with glue.

Step 8: Close the covering.


Now no one can identify that there is usb flash drive in usb cable male extension and you can store any file in it without any fear.

Hope you liked the article.



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