How To Create Undeletable Folder In Windows

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Just create a folder using a trick, put your some files and sub folders within the created folder, but what’s Next? No one can Delete/Rename that folder, untill or unless you command that folder to detele or rename.

If you are one of those, seeking fun with friends then this trick is the correct choice to have fun with your friends, however this trick is not only for fun but also you can protect your valuable data, there are many such situation occur at the time of using your own computer i.e, deleted all the folder and by mistakely you deleted your valuable files, which hurts alot.

To know the trick to protect your valuable files then just follow the below steps that how can you create a folder that cannot be deleted or renamed. Step starts from CMD as Command Prompt from your computer, get the details instruction from the below steps.

Step1. Open CMD as Command Prompt. (Go to Start and type CMD)

Command Prompt

Command Prompt

Note: After this step make sure that you will not select a root directory, means, you can only create this folder on non-rooted drives such as D, E, F, G not the C drive because you have installed your windows on that Drive.

Step2. Open CMD and type E: and hit enter.

Select Your Desire Drive I have selected E:

Select Your Desire Drive I have selected E:

Step3. Now type md con\ (MD represent Make Directory) Hit enter.

Note Why We Use con?: Files may be copied to devices. For example, copy file con outputs file to the screen console. Devices themselves may be copied to a destination file, For example, copy con file takes the text typed into the console and puts it into FILE, stopping when EOF (Ctrl+Z) is typed.

Now Type md con

Now Type md con\

Note: You just created a new folder on E Drive, just check it out whether it worked or not, Confirm? OK if yes that means you created a folder, now delete that folder to make sure it is working as undeletable as Title of the tutorial mentioned, now put some folders and music files under con and again try to delete con folder if you see no changes that mean it worked on your computer.

Now Check Your Computer Drive

Now Check Your Computer Drive

Now how to delete the undeletable folder? Follow below steps again!

Step. open your CMD again, type E: hit enter and again type rd con\ (Remove Directory) hit enter.

To Delete The Same Folder Type rd con

To Delete The Same Folder Type rd con\

Your file is deleted. everything is fine, just put the value or code correctly and you got what you want. Just make sure whether you are a programmer or not, typing a perfect code is the only genuine work, if you mislead or mistype then your code then it will not perform.

Stay ON, comment below if you want to know more tricks on the windows computer.

Source: Digital.Guide

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