Best Free Hacking Tutorials to follow to become a professional hacker

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To become a hacker is difficult it is not easy as becoming a programmer even to perform a simplest hack you need to have knowledge in the C, Python and HTML and more over you need to the roots of the unix system.

You must show interest in problem solving even the security trend changes even faster than programming.

If you are thinking of a career option in the world of the hacking you kinda need to be prepared to do hard and smart work.

Here are some few resources that will help you out to speed up the learning curve.

Cryptography Related Tutorials

Cryptography is must know topic for any aspiring security professional or a ethical hacker. You must understand how encryption and decryption is done. You must understand why some of the old encryption techniques do not work in modern computing world.

This is a important area and a lot of software programmers and professional do not understand it very well. Learning cryptography involves a lot of good understanding of mathematics, this means you also need to have good fundamentals on discrete mathematics.

  1. Introduction to Public Key Cryptography
  2. Crypto Tutorial
  3. Introduction to Cryptography
  4. An Overview of Cryptography
  5. Cryptography Tutorials – Herong’s Tutorial Examples
  6. The Crypto Tutorial – Learn How to Keep Secret Secret
  7. Introduction to cryptology, Part 1: Basic Cryptology Concepts

EBooks And Whitepapers

Some of the research papers by security experts and gurus can provide you a lot of information and inspiration. White papers can be really difficult to read and understand therefore you may need to read them multiple times. Once you understand the topic well, reading will become much faster and you will be able to skim through a lot content in less time.

  1. Handbook of Applied Cryptography – This ebook contains some free chapter from one of the popular cryptography books. The full book is also available on amazon at Cryptography Book.
  2. Network Penetration testing Guide
  3. How to hack anything in Java
  4. Mcafee on iPhone and iPad Security
  5. A Good Collection of White papers on security and vulnerabilities – This site contains collection of white papers from different sources and some of these white papers are really worth referring.
  6. Engineering Principles for Information Technology Security
  7. Basic Principles Of Information Protection
  8. Open Web Application Security Project – OWASP is one of the most popular sites that contains web application security related information .


Videos & Play Lists

Those who like to watch video tutorial. However there are many small video available on youtube. Feel free to explore more and share with us if you like something.

  1. Cryptography Course By Dan Boneh Stanford University
  2. Open Security Training– Youtube Playlist of More than 90 hours. I have found this to be the biggest free training available for security related topic.
  3. OWASP AppSec USA 2011: Youtube Playlist containing compilation of OWASP conference highlight in 2011.
  4. Defcon: How I Met your Girlfriend – Defcon is one of the most popular hacker conference. The presenters in this conference are well know inside the hacking industry.
  5. Defcon: What happens when you steal a hackers computer
  6. Defcon: Nmap: Scanning the Internet
  7. Public Key Cryptography: Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange
  8. Web application Pen testing
  9. Intro to Scanning Nmap, Hping, Amap, TCPDump, Metasploit


Forums For Hackers And Security Professionals

Just like any other area, forum are really great help for learning from other expert. Hundreds of security experts and ethical/non-ethical hackers are willing to share their knowledge on forums for some reasons. Please keep in mind to do enough research before post a questions and be polite to people who take time to answer your questions.

  1. https://hack4rum.comĀ 


Vulnerability Databases And Resources

Vulnerability Databases are the first place to start your days as a security professional. Any new vulnerability detections is generally available through the public vulnerability database. These databases are a big source of information for hacker to be able to understand and exploit/avoid/fix the vulnerabilities.


Tools And Programs For Hacking / Security

There are dozens of tools available for doing different types of hacking and tests. Tools are really important to become more productive at your work. Some of the very common tools that are used by hackers are listed here. You may have different choice of tools based on your own comfort.

  1. nmap
  2. NSS
  3. Hping
  4. TCPDump
  5. Metasploit
  6. Wireshark
  7. Network Stuff
  8. Nikto

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