How to scan ports in the network using aNmap from mobile

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Nmap has been one of the most important tool for every network security developer from over the last 10 years but it is only available in the windows , Linux and Mac OS X but it is still not available in the android, Even though there are 1 Billion Android Devices.

Hence we are here to introduce the aNamp it is compiled from the Nmap source code by some devs to support android Devices.

aNamp is an android tool that you can use on a network to determine the available hosts, services and OS to get all the features of the Nmap the android device should be rooted and you should grant the permissions as the super user.

You can download the Nmap APK form HERE LINK

Disclaimer – Our tutorials are designed to aid aspiring pen testers/security enthusiasts in learning new skills, we only recommend that you test this tutorial on a system that belongs to YOU. We do not accept responsibility for anyone who thinks it’s a good idea to try to use this to attempt to hack systems that do not belong to you.

How To Use aNmap:

After downloading and running the app you will see a window requesting full access to all device features
click grant
just Grant root access, and you will see the main page of aNmap:
note if your phone if not rooted you wont see that window.
after getting into the main page of anmap you can use all the features of aNmap if you have a rooted phone
to use it
1-Enter the IP address of the target in the top-right box.
2-Then tap on “nmap” button.
It will start scanning the target server and display the open ports and other characteristics

If you want to use Anmap only command line interface (without gui).

Than connect to localhost via ConnectBot, untar and start scanning:

$ tar -xvf nmap-5.51-1.tar
$ su
# ./nmap

Nmap is a security scanner originally written by Gordon Lyon used to discover hosts and services on a computer network thus he created Nmap.


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