Best libraries to work with javascript Grids

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A data grid can help address concerns of HTML tables with large data sets by providing features like sorting, filtering, searching, pagination and even in-line editing for your tables.Here in this article we make a list of 5 Best JavaScript Grid Libraries for developers, by which they can easily add grid functionality to their tables and can perform several functions like paging, sorting and filtering on large data sets.



FancyGrid is a JavaScript grid library with charts integration and server communication. FancyGrid is integrated(data binding) with chart libraries.It’s Intelligent modules system auto detects and loads needed modules.


  • Paging
  • Sorting
  • Filtering
  • Validation
  • flexible CRUD,
  • Integration with charts
  • Touch Support
  • AngularJS directive and others


dhtmlxGrid is a full-featured JavaScript grid control that provides cutting-edge functionality, powerful data binding, and fast performance with large data sets. Rich and intuitive JavaScript API makes the grid highly customizable and easy-to-use. dhtmlxGrid can load data from different data sources: XML (custom format supported), JSON, CSV, JavaScript array, and HTML table.


  • Cross-browser compatible (IE, Chrome, FF, Opera, Safari)
  • Full control with JavaScript API
  • Simple JavaScript or XML configuration
  • Integration with HTML forms
  • Resizable/movable columns
  • Move rows/columns with drag-and-drop
  • Drag-and-drop to/from dhtmlxTree PRO
  • Combobox, calendar, and more predefined eXcells


appendGrid allow you to input structured data row by row such like filling spreadsheets. It allows you to add/remove/insert/delete row in the grid. The generated input/select/textarea controls are well named for submitting to server side applications such as ASP.NET/PHP/JSP. Multiple options and callback events are available to fit every situation.


  • Easy to use
  • jQuery UI widgets supported
  • Multiple build-in input types included HTML5 input types
  • Customizable input types
  • Sub grids supported
  • Compatible with major web browsers
  • Ready for internationalization


Handsontable is your scalable spreadsheet solution for creating awesome apps. This out-of-the-box solution comes with the CLI tool, so you can build out your creation with as many plugins as you want.


ag-Grid is a JavaScript Data Grid for Building Enterprise Web Applications.An application with ag-Grid will perform more smoothly giving your application a professional and expert feel. A great grid is the foundation of a great application.The advanced features of ag-Grid will help keep your users on your platform and get more done.

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